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Preview of UB Law Tour – The John & Frances Angelos Law Center

Mike Barber, AIA, LEED AP – Associate Principal, Ayers Saint GrossAyers Saint Gross gives his perspective of the features that have made the John & Frances Angelos Law Center a “defining moment” in his 28 year career. AIABaltimore, USGBC Maryland and  Maryland Construction Network have organized a tour of this facility, the first LEED Platinum law school project in the U.S. The tour will be held on June 5th from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Web PicAyers Saint Gross partnered with design professionals from Behnisch Architekten for an international design competition held by the University of Baltimore to select the architectural firm(s) for this project. The two companies first met while both were working on projects at Harvard University. ASG liked the Behnisch philosophy on sustainable design and sought to collaborate with them on this project. In a two month period the two firms worked to complete a preliminary design for the project that met the requirements of the competition and earned them the contract for this project. This was the second such design competition in the history of the University of Maryland system.

UB wanted an iconic piece of architecture for theUB_Logo_H_BLUE gateway to its’ campus. Located adjacent to the Jones Falls Expressway, at the corner of Charles Street and Mt. Royal Avenue, this structure has a unique form and incorporates technologically advanced materials and features not often found in traditional university designs. The design offers visitors to the building wonderful vistas of the city and, for passers-by, the opportunity to see within (and even through) the building so they can feel the energy from within. A ride in one of the pair of glass elevators within the building is said to be a highlight for any visitor to the building.

The glass curtain walls provide a high degree of transparency and, at the same time, decreases the need for artificial light. Those windows are computer controlled to help regulate the temperature in the building. Micro-perfed blinds are also regulated to control interior heating from sunlight without obstructing the views. There are several patios to give people the ability to experience the outdoors. Glass walled offices and classrooms allow a high degree of interaction between students and staff.

The floors house a radiant cooling and heating system. This unseen piping system provides climate control when the outdoor ambient temperatures are unsuitable for the building. This system releases the warmth and cooling in a very subtle but comfortable manner, leveraging the thermal mass of concrete. It also reduces the degree of ductwork needed for the structure.

Ayers Saint Gross is a full service design company, headquartered in Baltimore, with offices in Washington DC as well as Phoenix, Arizona. Services include architectural design, graphic design, interior design, landscape architecture, as well as master planning. While Ayers Saint Gross core concentration is in higher education, they are equally adept in most areas of design. Recent project have included a couple  of travel plazas along interstate 95 as well as visitor center at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and a study center for George Washington’s home at Mt. Vernon.

Mr. Barber says that the John & Frances Angelos Law Center at University of Baltimore has been the highlight of his career to date. Further, it has been the most interesting, complex and wonderful project on which he has ever worked. He goes on to say that it has been the kind of project that, as a student, he had hoped to be able to design.

AIA and USGBC continuing education credit is available for participants in the tour. Mike, AIABaltimore, USGBC Maryland and Maryland Construction Network hope to see you at the tour. For more information on the tour or to register by mail, download a registration form here. If you would like to register online, follow this link.

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