AEC Innovation Alliance

AEC Innovation Alliance

The Intersection of Architecture,
Engineering, and Construction.

If it were possible to take a construction professional from the 1940’s and transport them directly to the 21st century, that person would confront a business landscape totally foreign to what he or she was accustomed. In fact, we don’t have to go back nearly that far.

Reality is, the construction industry is changing at an ever increasing pace. Combining new products with new delivery methods, new construction methods with new technologies, and you quickly realize that construction – all aspects and specialties of construction – is now a very technologically advanced industry.

MCN wants you to be a successful member of this industry. As such, we are introducing the AEC Innovation Alliance. This unique set of programs and area of information exchange is designed to keep you connected with the latest technology and skills needed to flourish in the construction industry.

You have a hand in determining what the course of the AEC Innovation Alliance. If you have not already done so, please take our AEC survey to help us determine the programming to develop and present within this forum.