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by Rob

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Rob Bertazon - Host and Moderator of The Maryland Construction Network

Rob Bertazon – Host and Moderator of The Maryland Construction Network

I recorded another MCN podcast on December 10th with Steve Ball, a partner with Gross Mendelsohn CPA’s. We were taping a segment about succession planning to help make people aware of the importance of this vital, but often overlooked, part of the business plan.

Steve will be giving a seminar on February 17th for anyone interested in learning more about the reason for having an exit plan, variables to consider, different types of exit strategies and many other aspects of the process. Let me simply say that if your company does not have a succession plan in place at this time, there is no better place for you to be on February 17th than at this presentation.

Steve and I have recorded podcasts together a few times before and I always enjoy going to the GM offices because it affords me an opportunity to talk about the construction industry with an extremely knowledgeable and well-informed individual who is not a construction person. I get a whole different perspective on the industry and Steve always brings to light new information from the technical side of his profession (accounting) that I may have never considered.

Reflecting upon the time spent with Steve made me realize what I really enjoy about podcasting and why I have been drawn to it. It is that I get a chance to relay quality information to construction professionals which is not always readily available, and to do it in a very relaxed and easily accessible manner. And since it doesn’t cost anything to listen, everyone gets to learn without breaking the bank. That’s especially nice.

Sometime in the future I think I will do a program (in a little different format) where I will show the people not familiar with the different ways to access podcasts how to take advantage of this media. It really is as easy as turning on a mobile device.

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