#106 – How to Stay on Course with Your Crew

by Robert Bertazon

in Podcast Episodes

In this episode of The Maryland Construction Network podcast, Steve Morris examines the importance of a shared vision among all the people in your organization. Once established, effective processes bring clarity to the course of action for the business. The result, owners can afford time to think creatively and allow business owners to take control over their lives and spend time outside of their business.

Today’s Guest – Stephen Morris MBA
EOS®: Entrepreneurial Operating System® Implementer
Team Development Facilitator
Smooth Sailing to Business Growth
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Topics Discussed:

  • This week you want to talk about staying on course with your crew. Could you tell us about that?
  • What was the outcome of that discussion?
  • How can we help business owners step away?
  • What is the second component to strengthen the business?
  • What is the third component to strengthen the business?
  • How do you help business owners get a system in place so they can step away?

Further resources:

Schedule a discovery call with Steve: https://calendly.com/gostevemorris/15min

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