May 2016

Maryland’s Construction Industry Outlook:
Current Conditions, Future Trends and
Today’s Best Practices

This podcast is a recording of the May 4th, 2016MCN Podcast 130x130 Brown
presentation given by Stephen Ball, CPA, CVA, CCIFP. Steve is a partner in the accounting firm Gross Mendelsohn, located in Baltimore, MD and Director of their Construction Group.

The material presented is the result of an industry survey developed by Gross Mendelsohn during the winter/spring of 2016 and distributed to construction professionals throughout Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region through Maryland Construction Network.

Get data from more than 200 Maryland Construction Contractors.

Part of maintaining and growing a strong, profitable construction business means knowing where you stand in relation to other local firms. This executive summary includes the overall responses received in our 2016 survey of Maryland construction contractors. You’ll get data and insights on hot-button topics like:

  • Trends in personnel development, including the number one reason employees leave and what kind of benefits other firms are offering their staff
  • How other firms feel about their future outlook and success as we continue further into 2016, their top concerns and whether they expect their revenue to increase or decrease this year
  • Tax deductions and credits that other contractors are taking advantage to keep more money on their bottom line

A .pdf version of the slides displayed in the presentation is available here.

Click the following link to download your copy of the Executive Summary of the 2016 Maryland Construction Industry Survey!

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