#74 – “Secure Your Email Environment In Today’s Ever-Changing Threat Landscape”

by Robert Bertazon

in LTK-LTG Seminar, Podcast Episodes

Episode #74 of The Maryland Construction Network is the audio recording from our April 12, 2018 Wisdom & Wine presentation “Secure Your Email Environment In Today’s Ever-Changing Threat Landscape”. Our event host Business Information Group, in conjunction with Mr. Thorston Stoeterau from Barracuda Networks, made this presentation possible.

You may download a pdf of the slideshow used in the presentation here.

Ransomware and Spear Phishing are becoming very large cyber threats to end users and are expected to reach >$1 billion in profits this year alone. Without a comprehensive security strategy in place, resource-limited small to mid-sized businesses are the ones who are more likely to (literally) pay the price.

Join Maryland Construction Network, Business Information Group & Barracuda Networks, Inc. for an affordable and informative presentation designed to give you the tools and information needed to prevent your business from becoming victim to ever-increasing business crippling cyber threats.

In this session you will learn:

  • The different types of attacks and their anatomies.
  • Why traditional tools and approaches are no longer effective.
  • How to implement a layered approach to defense.

Don’t miss this unique and affordable opportunity to learn about ever-changing cyber threats which can impact your business plus.

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