#76 – 2018 Maryland Construction Industry Survey

by Robert Bertazon

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Episode #76 of the Maryland Construction Network Podcast is a recording from May 2, 2018. This was a presentation given by Stephen Ball, CPA, CVA, CCIFP from Gross Mendelsohn CPA’s & Advisors, featuring the results gathered from the 2018 Maryland Construction Industry Survey. Steve is a partner in the accounting firm Gross Mendelsohn, located in Baltimore, MD and Director of their Construction Group.

The material presented is the result of an industry survey developed by Gross Mendelsohn during the spring of 2018 and distributed to construction professionals throughout Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region through Maryland Construction Network.

Get the data from nearly 200 Maryland Construction Contractors HERE!

Part of maintaining and growing a strong, profitable construction business means knowing where you stand in relation to other local firms. This executive summary includes the overall responses received in our 2018 survey of Maryland construction contractors. You’ll get data and insights on hot-button topics like:

  • Are Maryland construction contractors more or less optimistic for 2018 than they were for 2017?
  • What are contractors’ top business concerns?
  • Why do construction companies lose good employees?
  • Why does giving regular employee feedback matter?
  • What do other contractors do to recruit younger generations to the construction industry?

A .pdf version of the slideshow is available here.

Please follow this link to download the Executive Summary of the survey from Gross Mendelsohn’s website.

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