#81 – Why You Need to Set Rules of Engagement as You Send Your Team Home

by Robert Bertazon

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For many companies used to having your team working together in an office environment, the transition to sending everyone to work from home for the first time is likely to be challenging. If you are a business owner or team leader and are feeling anxious about how you are going to keep productivity going, we are going to help you with actionable resources you can implement to make this transition easier and more productive.

Do you have a plan for when, how often or how you are going to conduct your team meetings? Are you concerned about how you can keep everyone productive so you can keep momentum going and be best prepared? In this episode I am talking with engineer, project manager and EOS Implementer Stephen Morris whose company Catylator uses a whole toolbox of structured frameworks in his work with business owners and leadership teams. Steve’s background is forming and leading high performing design teams to win international sailing competitions, like the Volvo Ocean race and America’s Cup. Now he brings this expertise to help business owners and leadership teams get unstuck and use clear process to build rewarding businesses.

In our conversations with Steve we will cover how to set up rules of engagement for your team working from home, techniques you can use to keep your team meetings in place, focused and productive, and then we will even delve into amazing tools you can use for doing collaborative creative problem solving with your team while they are distributed away from the office.

Please use this link to get the show notes .pdf which includes links to tools Steve discusses in this podcast.

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