#82 – Here’s How to Conduct Effective Meetings with Your Team at Home

by Robert Bertazon

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For many companies used to having your team working together in an office environment, the transition to sending everyone to work from home for the first time is likely to be challenging. If you are a business owner or team leader and are feeling anxious about how you are going to keep productivity going, we are going to help you with actionable resources you can implement to make this transition easier and more productive.

In this, the second of three conversations with Steve Morris we take a closer look at how to structure meetings with your staff while working remotely. We start with some basic parameters for structuring your remote staff and hints for your staff in preparation of group meetings. Then, Steve discusses with greater detail the process of Level 10 meetings to make your time together efficient and productive.

Today’s Guest – Stephen Morris MBA EOS®
Entrepreneurial Operating System® Implementer
Team Development Facilitator
Smooth Sailing to Business Growth
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Topics Discussed:

  • Companies are sending their staff home, what should they be doing about meetings?
  • What do business owners need to be doing differently for meetings with their remote staff?
  • Once they have some basics in place, what process can they use to conduct better meetings?
  • The Level 10 meeting sounds interesting, what does it look like in practice?
  • Are there online resources that you can point business owners to?
  • What do you offer businesses and why would they want to work with you?

Links for information associating with the podcast:

  1. Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOS: https://www.catylator.com/eos
  2. Effective Meetings: Level 10 Meeting for Entrepreneurial Leadership Teams https://youtu.be/HmV6_fH5NkU
  3. EOS tools are available free at: https://www.eosworldwide.com/eos-toolbox

Please use this link to get the show notes .pdf which includes links to tools Steve discusses in this podcast.

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