#85 – Work Your Core

by Robert Bertazon

in Podcast Episodes

In today’s conversation with Steve Morris we discuss ways to focus your attention to what matters most for your company.

Today’s Guest – Stephen Morris MBA EOS®
Entrepreneurial Operating System® Implementer
Team Development Facilitator
Smooth Sailing to Business Growth
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Topics Discussed with Steve:

  • You have talked a lot about using process to help move a business forward. You have told me today you would like to talk about getting back to basics. Could you tell us more about that?
  • Why is this important to get back to basics?
  • What do you mean by getting down to our real core?
  • What are core values?
  • What is core focus?
  • What is a core target?
  • Those targets might be looking questionable, so what should business owners be doing now?
  • How might listeners engage with you?

Download the Show Notes.

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