#86 – Clear Process for Making Decisions

by Robert Bertazon

in Podcast Episodes

Today we are going to be talking about making decisions, which is frequently difficult for a business even during the best of times.

Today’s Guest – Stephen Morris MBA EOS®
Entrepreneurial Operating System® Implementer
Team Development Facilitator
Smooth Sailing to Business Growth
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Topics Discussed:

  • How can process help decision making?
  • What gets in the way of making decisions?
  • What are the four discoveries about making decisions ?
  • With these four discoveries in mind, what is the exact process for becoming expert decision makers?
  • What do you do with your issues list?
  • How can Catylator support our listeners?

Links for this episode:

Free ebook: Decide! – https://catylator.com/programs/decide/
Catylator Entrepreneurial Operating System: https://catylator.com/eos/

Download the show notes.

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