#94 – Why Working From Home Can Be Such a Pain

by Robert Bertazon

in Podcast Episodes

Working from a home office can present some unexpected problems for the workforce. Many people are working in makeshift workspaces that may not be suitable for extended periods of work. In this podcast, Guy Seeley, an industrial rehab specialist, will share what you need to do so you can stay comfortable and avoid injury from your home office.

Today’s Guest – Guy Seeley
Industrial Rehab Specialist


Topics in this episode:

  • Do you foresee any problems arising from people working in a new home office?
  • What are some physical symptoms people may develop from working in their homes and why?
  • Tell me more about the office set-up. What do you look for with a proper workstation set-up?
  • What is a “Neutral posture”
  • What should you do if you work with a laptop?
  • Talk about the other joints. How can we get them in a “Neutral “position?
  • What can you do to protect the wrists in a home office?
  • How should we get the low back in a neutral position?
  • Should people sit on a cushion?
  • What else would you recommend?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact REHAB AT WORK through their website www.rehabatwork.com, by email at guys@rehabatwork.com or phone at 410-484-0081.

Download the show notes.

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