#97 – How to Securely Shut Down a Jobsite

by Robert Bertazon

in Podcast Episodes

Jobsite security has always been an issue. Now we are faced with a different scenario as active jobsites might be shuttered for an extended period of time due to the pandemic. In this episode of the Maryland Construction Network Podcast, Shawn Scarlata shares his expertise in the strategies and technology to use to effectively and economically protect your jobsites.

Today’s Guest – Shawn Scarlata
Owner SMART Security Pros dba Mobile Video Guard
Explore https://mobilevideoguard.com/


Topics Discussed:

  • What are the top items you are recommending to your clients when it comes to securely shutting down a job site?
  • I understand fencing being a physical barrier but why is lighting important?
  • You mentioned cameras + monitoring, can’t I get away with just putting cameras up myself?
  • What about Security Guards, couldn’t I just hire a guard service?
  • The last thing you mentioned was Smoke and Heat detection, how can I do that if my site isn’t that far along in construction?
  • If anyone wants to find out more about monitored video surveillance or the WES3 system where can they look?

Download the show notes.

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