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Rob Bertazon - Host and Moderator of The Maryland Construction Network

Rob Bertazon – Founder Of The Maryland Construction Network

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Robert W. Bertazon, Founder
Maryland Construction Network

Rob Bertazon has worked in Maryland’s construction industry for over 33 years.  As a laborer, bricklayer, and eventual partner in his family-owned masonry business, Rob understands first-hand the day to day challenges facing contractors and small business owners.  In addition, Rob’s 16+ years in association management work, specific to the construction industry, and his Business Administration degree with a dual concentration in Marketing and Management, have given him extraordinary insight into the needs of the construction community.

Allegiance, dedication, and love of industry were of paramount importance to Rob when he founded the Maryland Construction Network.  “MCN has the unique ability to recognize and quickly adjust to the ever-changing needs of our industry”, said Bertazon.  “I have an unwavering commitment and loyalty to the entire construction community.”

Verna Regler

Verna Regler Brings Her Flair For Spectacular Networking Events & Connecting People To MCN

Verna L. Regler, Partner
Maryland Construction Network

With 25+ years of successful entrepreneurial experience, Verna Regler has a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry.  She has worked for subcontractors and general contractors.  In addition, Verna has an all-inclusive association management skill set; having served as Executive Director for a Baltimore area construction trade association for over 17 years.  Verna possesses an uncanny ability to create and cement long-term, professional relationships.  She cares and connects!

“I believe in the mission and vision of the Maryland Construction Network”, said Ms. Regler. “I’m very excited to be a part of such a forward-thinking organization.  And, I’m delighted to be entering the next chapter of my professional career.”

Working Together

Rob Bertazon and Verna Regler’s combined professional experience and expertise are invaluable assets to the Maryland construction community.  Under their leadership and direction, Maryland Construction Network provides businesses; both small and large, with an affordable and effective business-building vehicle.  Network | Learn | Grow with Maryland Construction Network.

About MCN

The Maryland Construction Network (MCN) is your one stop source for construction industry news and information.  MCN provides innovative education and information, premier networking and marketing opportunities, and preferred industry resources.  Providing exemplary products and services, designed by seasoned industry professionals, the Maryland Construction Network (MCN) is an affordable and forward-thinking organization.  MCN is in-step and in-touch with the needs of the construction industry.

MCN, like every successful business, is keenly aware of the importance of establishing short and long term goals.  Be it Preferred Partner Resources, Small Group Interchanges, Ad-Hoc Focus Groups, Bid Information, or Small Business Website Service & Support – the Maryland Construction Network is your “connection” to the most innovative, easily accessible, reasonably priced, and comprehensive industry network.

Connect with Maryland Construction Network!  Your expectations will be exceeded!

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