Benefit Plans

MCN is pleased to provide our members a variety of Benefit Plans & Programs. These plans and programs were designed to afford members an opportunity to expand and enhance insurance coverages and employee benefits while potentially saving money. OR: These plans and programs, designed to afford members an opportunity to expand and enhance insurance coverages and employee benefits, could potentially reduce costs and increase profits.

Benefits Advantage

It’s New! It’s Bold! See If It Works For You!

Maryland Construction Network is pleased to announce an exclusive, new benefit for our members who need quality health care. Through our newest partnership with The Warner Companies, we have launched a variety of cost-effective health insurance products for member firms and their employees.

MCN Benefits Advantage offers choice, flexibility, lower costs, and a dedicated service platform offering customized brokerage advice, account management, and employee service.

Contractors Select Insurance Program

Maryland Construction Network, Consolidated Insurance & Risk Management and FCCI Insurance Group have partnered to present custom-built commercial package, workers’ compensation, auto, umbrella, and surety bond coverage designed especially for contractors.

Reasons to Consider the Contractors Select Insurance Program:

  • Industry Specialization
  • Classification Evaluation
  • Changes in Operations
  • Return on Premium Investment
  • Surety Bond Program Discounts
  • Audit Considerations
  • Dividend Program
  • Payroll & Exposure Analysis
  • Expense Management

Consolidated Insurance & Risk Management: An industry leader serving the Greater Mid-Atlantic region; a top-tier FCCI Insurance Group agent with a proven track record of construction industry knowledge and commitment.

FCCI Insurance Group: A multiregional provider of comprehensive property and casualty coverage; offering exceptional service, quality and value backed by financial strength and industry expertise. (Rated A (Excellent) by A.M.) FCCI founders were contractors and more than 40% of policyholders are contractors.

Contractors Choice Long Term Care

Lives are spent working to build and maintain security for ourselves and our families. But, as we know…life happens. A catastrophic event, illness, or condition can quickly change the future we envisioned and worked so hard to build. The reality is; Long Term Care issues touch all of us. 40% of those receiving LTC are between ages 18-64 years of age and 48% of today’s caregivers are 18-49 years of age. Recognizing the need and the reality; Maryland Construction Network has partnered with LTC Specialists to create two plans specifically designed for members:

·         Contractors Choicesm (for individual members and their families)
·         Contractors Choice –Workplacesm (for corporate members as employers and their employees)

Reasons to Consider Long Term Care Insurance:

  • Customized & Affordable Policies
  • Tax Savings on Benefits Received
  • Access to 25+ of the most highly rated LTC insurance carriers
  • 5% – 30% Premium Discounts
  • Tax Savings on Premiums Paid
  • Options Offering up to 100% Return of Premiums & Access to Cash Value
  • Protect Assets from Medicaid Required Spenddown

LTC Specialists, LLC: A Baltimore-based financial planning firm focusing exclusively on Long Term Care Planning. With an established a reputation for first-class customer service and advocacy on behalf of its clients; LTC Specialists is endorsed and recognized by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI), a highly regarded accrediting body for the Long Term Care Insurance Industry.