Division 33 – Utilities

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95 Traffic Safety Supply – Commercial

95 Traffic Safety Supply is an entirely woman-owned and minority operated small business committed to the highest level of service in the market and nurturing long-term relationships. We specialize in providing general contractors and subcontractors with the products they need to keep employees and the public safe and informed.

Iacoboni Site Specialists, Inc. – Residential,Iacoboni Logo Commercial, Industrial, Public

We are a full site work package company of over 125 highly dedicated and skilled employees. We specialize in all aspects of site work including demolition, sediment control, grading, paving, and utilities. Our motto is “We work safely, honestly, and efficiently,” and all jobs are performed with this in mind.

White Pine Construction Corporation – 
Commercial, Institutional, Public

Established in 1965, White Pine Construction Corporation is a Second going on Third Generation company specializing in Residential and Commercial site work in the Carroll County area including: Demolition, Clearing, Sediment Control, Excavation, Grading, Stormwater Management, Storm Drain, Water, Sewer, Stabilization, Stone Subbase Preparation for Concrete and Paving.

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Andrew T. Der & Associates, LLC – 
Residential, Commercial, Institutional Public

Andrew T. Der & Associates, LLC is a sole proprietor firm practicing in the water consulting industry since 2001. The principal served as Director of Environmental Services for two Maryland civil engineering firms, previously completing 18 years of service at the Maryland Department of the Environment. Specialties include wetland and waterway permitting, stormwater management compliance, and expert testimony.

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Petroleum Services, Inc. – Commercial, Institutional, PublicPSI Logo

Petroleum Services, Inc. specializes in the sales, service & installation of petroleum storage & handling equipment. Vehicle lift, lubrication equipment sales & installation provided. Installation & service of fuel management and environmental compliance systems. Environmental compliance testing & inspection services provided. Removal of fuel storage systems.

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Carroll Motor Fuels – Commercial, Residential, Industrial

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Carroll Motor Fuels – Commercial, Residential, Industrial