MCN’s 1st Anniversary for Memberships

by Rob

in V & R Blog

April 26th 2013. That was the day MCN accepted it’s very first membership application. A year (and two weeks) later MCN has 189 members. That averages to exactly 1 new member every other day. Not every other work day, but every other day! Only a year or so in business, MCN is already one of the largest construction associations in the state.

Verna and I would like to thank all of you who have joined MCN. From our old friends who joined right off the bat, to our newest member who joined today after just learning about the organization. MCN members represent a diverse spectrum of the industry. That diversity is not only in the work performed, but also from a geographical nature. MCN is on track to be a “statewide” association, capable of servicing members from all reaches of Maryland as well as the entire Mid-Atlantic region. And if you are not yet a member of MCN, let’s get you signed up now so you can build your network and get work. Remember what Robert Kiyosaki (Author of the #1 Personal Finance Book of All Times, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”) said, “The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work.”

We are extremely pleased to have welcomed so many companies into MCN. Through our continued efforts to deliver premier networking and information designed to help you run your business and prosper in the industry, we are confident MCN will continue to experience steady growth. Verna and I are currently working on a couple programs to further enhance the value of a MCN membership.

Verna and I are keenly aware that “value” is a huge factor in MCN’s success. Our value proposition is short and sweet. Give people what they need for the best possible price. Eliminate waste. No unnecessary expenses. No “free rides”. Be fair. Be honest. Work hard. That’s how our members work and that’s what they expect from the people working for them.

Verna and I hope you will spread the word about MCN to your friends, colleagues, and others in the construction industry. By doing so you will expand your network in ways that have yet to be imagined.

Thanks for reading! Verna and I look forward to seeing you soon!

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