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Looking for Work? Post your Info on Our Ready To Work Page.

Looking For Work? Post Your Information On Our Ready To Work Page.

Are you new to the construction industry? Or, are you a seasoned veteran?  Either way, you’ve found yourself looking for a new position. The Maryland Construction Network (MCN) can help you “connect” with your next employer.

Employers often hesitate to place an ad for an open position.  Frequently, they’ll “check around” to see who might be available before placing an ad.  Here is your chance to post your Hire Me listing and let the industry know you’re willing, available, and “qualified” to fill that next job opening.

There is no cost for an individual to post a Hire Me listing on the MCN website. However, you must meet the following criteria and comply with the instructions below.

    1. You must be at least 18 years of age and have legal status to work within the state of Maryland.
    2. You grant permission to Maryland Construction Network to publicly display your information via the website and/or any other MCN vehicles/venues.
    3. Only submissions with authenticated e-mail addresses will be allowed.
    4. MCN is not responsible for any errors or omissions; it is your responsibility to assure that your posting contains accurate information.
    5. Submissions containing inaccurate, inappropriate, or inflammatory content will be rejected and removed.
    6. Listings will remain on the MCN website for a maximum of 14 days or until MCN has been instructed to remove the post. MCN is not responsible for cached-pages.
    7. Your Hire Me listing may be resubmitted; should you not find employment within the initial 14 day term of your post.
    8. All posts are subject to final approval and/or rejection by Maryland Construction Network, LLC.
    9. MCN has the right to limit the number of Hire Me listings.
    10. MCN reserves the right to restrict visibility of these posts to Members of the Maryland Construction Network.
Looking for work in Maryland's construction industry? If you are 18 years of age or older you can use this form to post a "free' Hire Me! ad on MCN's website. Simply complete the form below. By submitting this form you agree that you have read and comply with the criteria for using this service as posted on MCN website's - Post A “Hire Me” Ad - page.
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