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The following individuals are seeking employment within the construction industry. MCN hopes through the use of this page you will “connect” with the ideal employee who leads to your company’s greater success!

Position Wanted

Virginia Tech, Pamplin College of Business, August 2019 graduate seeking full-time employment. Applicant will possess a BS in Business Information Technology with a focus on Operations and Supply Chain Management inclusive of quality control and process improvement, enterprise planning and control, logistics, inventory control, scheduling, resource allocation, production planning, and project management. Additional skills include Business Process Modeling/Workflow Analysis using Lucidchart and Bizagi software, VBA programming and User Interface development, programming in Java, sales experience, and a strong interpersonal communication/leadership skillset. Please contact Jacob Troska at 443.895.0405 or via email to learn more about Jacob, his internship experience, work experience, and philanthropic endeavors.