Ready to Roll

by Rob

in V & R Blog

It’s been a while in the making, but the Maryland Construction Network is coming into focus. We have our first Direct Connect Meeting set for May 22nd and registrations are proceeding well. I still have a couple items to complete on the website, most notable is the online storefront. Very shortly you will be able to join MCN, choose connection plans, make your reservations, and process your payments right from our website. Until then, you can always mail your reservations and connection forms to us at 3928 Norrisville Rd; Jarrettsville, MD 21084.

As my to-do-list begins to dwindle, I look forward to really getting back into the swing of podcasting. I am really encouraged by the number of people that have expressed a desire to start sharing their expertise with our listeners. Don’t forget to submit your ideas and suggestions for topics for the show!

Verna and I are always available to answer your questions regarding MCN and our Connection Plans. Drop us a note or give us a call at 443-982-7329. We look forward to helping you make that next great connection that takes your business to a higher level!

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