Legal Resource Group (LRG)

LRG Focus:
Legal Issues & Concerns Facing Construction
LRG Objective: To promote and provide education; disseminating information to group meeting attendees relative to the LRG’s focus while following an interactive, attendee friendly meeting format.
Cost: Members: Free | Non-Members: $50 pp Per Meeting
MCN Group Liaisons: Brian Loffredo, Principal & Jim Ries, Director of Business Development, Offit Kurman, P.A.

The Particulars

  • Group Meetings will be conducted via Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, or Microsoft Teams.
  • Virtual meetings may be interspersed with face-to-face meetings, when allowed by State Guidelines and, if the group at-large agrees.
  • Meeting length: 30 – 60 minutes.
  • Meeting will start and  end on time. Please be prompt.
  • Group Size: Unlimited
  • Group Liaison is an MCN “Industry Partner” member firm in good standing.
  • January 21st | 10 a.m.

What to Expect When You Pay for Construction Administration
  • February 18th | 10 a.m. |

  • March 18th | 10 a.m. | Topic: Subrogration Claims & Managing Risk (Design Profs) and New MD Case

  • April 15th | 10 a.m. | Topic: Insurance and Indemnification: Two Critical Issues in Contract Negotiation

Speaker: Bob Herrmann

Increasingly, issues related to insurance requirements for projects and the scope of indemnification are at  the forefront when design and construction contracts are negotiated. In this presentation participants will gain a better understanding of how owners, contractors and architects approach insurance coverage issues. Related to insurance coverage is the breadth of indemnification that owners demand from architects and contractors. Insurance and indemnity are interconnected and one must understand the connection in order to negotiate successfully.

Following the presentation, please stay connected for a brief Q&A as well as a networking opportunity with other construction professionals!

  • May 20th | 10 a.m. | Topic: Mechanic’s Liens – Tools for Enforcement

  • June 17th | 10 a.m. | Topic: Change Orders – Follow the Contract and Think Like a Lawyer

Speaker: Kate Pettit

Change orders are typical on almost every construction project. How a company drafts its contracts and documents any changes to the contract will significantly impact whether it will run into change order disputes down the road. In this presentation, Kate Pettit, Esq., of Offit Kurman, P.A. will discuss various aspects of change orders: why unexpected costs and changes to scopes of work happen, how to draft your contract to avoid change order disputes, and the proper way to prepare change orders and document the file in order to put your company in the best position to favorably resolve a change-related dispute.

Following the presentation, please stay connected for a brief Q&A as well as a networking opportunity with other construction professionals!

  • July 15th | 10 a.m. |

For additional information about Maryland Construction Network’s Legal Resource Group, please contact Verna Regler (410.977.8038), Jim Ries ( 410.733.6133 ), or Brian Loffredo (301.575.0345).  All are welcome!